Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

A201W Normally Open High Flow Solenoid Valve

When applications demand fast response and high flow with minimal pressure drop, these compact, lightweight and reliable new technology solenoid valves control flow rates up to 60 Cv. With 1 PSID differential, that's a flow rate of 12,000 SCFH air or 60 GPM water. Available for liquid and gas, high temperature, low or high pressure. Features vacuum brazed hermetic construction.

  • Direct Drive Operation
    Fewer Parts and Faster Response

  • Balanced Valve
    Poppet valve provides essentially zero force control of fluid (gas or liquid) flow allowing a very large flow to be controlled with a small 1.3 amp solenoid.

  • Less Weight, Size & Cost
    Balanced valve with all TIG welded and vacuum brazed stainless steel construction.

  • Shaft Seals not Required
    Flow stream is hermetically isolated from solenoid coil.

Typical Specifications, 2.0 inch Tube

  • Fluid: Fuel, water, steam, gas
  • Max fluid temperature: 475 °F
  • Max ambient temperature: 350 °F
  • Power Consumption: 12 VDC, 1.3 amp
  • Air Flow, 1 PSID Inlet-atmosphere:12,000 SCFH (.25 lb/s at STP)
  • Weight: 2.5 lb. typical
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum differential pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Response: 50 msec, signal to full open

Optional Features:

  • Can be configured for Normally-Open operation.
  • Other sizes available, contact JHBI.
  • Soft seat valve designed for minimum leakage.
  • Alternate tube or port connections available.
  • Alternate solenoid coil designs, or AC operation.
  • Extreme high temperature Solenoid coil, to 550°F.
  • All aluminum alloy (6061T6) construction --minimum weight version.