Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

A202Z Normally Open Solenoid Poppet Valve
Freeze Capable Design allows Operation to -20*F

Reliable & robust, the A202Z solenoid valve is ideal for flow control of low pressure liquid or gas. The housing is a vacuum-brazed hermetically-sealed stainless steel assembly, designed to withstand hostile environments. Softseat poppet provides a bubble-tight seal when actuated.

Normally Open Design
Leakage less than 30 SCCM at 3 PSI inlet.

Weight, Size & Cost Savings
result from high performance solenoid & poppet valve design, using medical-grade silicone seat material.

Shaft Seals not Required
Stainless steel seal tube isolates solenoid from fluid.

Optional Features
Can be configured for Normally Closed operation.
Alternate tube or port connections.
Solenoid designs for AC or alternate power configurations. High temperature coil -- good to 550°F. 
Other sizes available.
Contact JHBI for details

Fluid: Fuel, water, steam, gas
Max fluid temperature: 475°F
Max ambient temperature: 350°F
Power Consumption: 10.2 VDC, 1 amp
Flow Capacity at 3 PSI inlet:16 Cv minimum
Weight: 2.1 lb typical
Max inlet pressure: 15 PSIG