Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

A2036 Valve & Regulator Combination
200 SLPM at 25 PSID

Single-stage servovalves generally require fixed pressure across the valve to operate. The A2036 offers a pneumatic regulator & proportional metering servovalve in a single package!

  • Ideal for Anesthesia Machines & Ventilators
    Suitable for medical & breathing applications.All inert & odor-free materials in the flow path. No pneumatic lines and seals between components! Small internal regulator volume means fast response!

  • Improved Performance
    Variations in differential pressure will not change the current deadband! In competitivevalves, a small 1 PSID change can change the deadband up to 20% of the rated current.

  • Less Weight, Size & Cost
    There are fewer parts in the A2036 valve/regulator than in a competitive stand-alone valve. Size, weight, product cost & integration cost are all reduced. A smaller footprint means a smaller, lighter manifold.