Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

A401M High Flow Turbine Bleed Air 4-way Servo Valve
1000 SCFH at only PSIG

Frictionless single-stage servovalve provides reliable control of high temperature turbine bleed air. New technology concepts reduce size, weight and cost with improved reliability and performance.

  • Simple and ReliableFriction-prone sliding spool or shear element metering concepts are not used, so problems with sticking due to typical bleed air contaminants are entirely avoided. Valve is immune to effects of ice; contaminants up to 450 microns will freely pass through.

  • Improved PerformanceOversize ports, metering elements, and flow passages allow high flow rates with low pressure drop. Thermal stability is ensured by TIG welding stainless steel metering components with similar coefficients of thermal expansion. Valve is designed to reduce pressure feedback to torque motor so effect of supply pressure on metering area is negligible.

  • Less Weight, Size & CostResult from a parts count 40% less than for ordinary valves. Adhesives and screws are not used because torque motor components are TIG welded in a stainless steel tubular "exoskeleton", combining the torque motor structure and cover. Screws, O-ring and separate aluminum cover normally used are not required. Size and weight are further reduced with an optimized torque motor magnetic circuit allowing the smallest possible envelope consistent with performance.

  • Alternate Mountings Available
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