Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

A4035 Single Stage Jet Pipe Servovalve
No load flow of .42 CIS fuel at 1000 PSID.70 CIS Oil at 3000 PSID

Single-stage jet pipe servovalves offer reliable 4-way flow control in demanding environments, where repeatability and stability are critical. Compact size and weight provide improved reliability and performance with minimal thermal shift.

  • Contamination Resistance
    Jet pipe metering offers maximum resistance to contamination since it willpass contaminant up to 330 microns (.012 inch) in diameter, when supplyflow is protected by a 150 micron port screen.

  • Improved Performance
    Thermal shift is minimized by making housing and all metering componentsof materials having similar coefficients of thermal expansion. Jet-pipe designallows improved pressure and flow recovery.

  • Less Weight, Size & Cost
    Less than 0.75 lb with a 17-4 PH stainless steel housing! Size and weight arefurther reduced with an optimal torque motor magnetic circuit to allow thesmallest possible envelope consistent with performance requirements.

  • Alternate Mountings Available