Servo Valves and Specialty Controls
J.H. Buscher, Inc. was founded in 1993 to design, develop and manufacture new technology valves for aerospace applications. Products include high flow pneumatic valves replacing butterflys in aerospace applications, single and multistage solenoid valves, fuel flow servovalves and pneumatic controls for aircraft bleed air

New technology solenoids and servovalves offer reduced size and weight with improved reliability and lower cost through a 40% reduction in parts count compared to conventional designs.

JHBI's engineering team has 80 years cumulative experience in design, development and manufacture of aerospace and industrial servovalves and torque motors.

Development Engineering and Test Facilities

  • Vibration test system: sine and random, IMV Lab Company Model VS-3202.

  • Hydraulic test stand, 12 GPM, 5000 PSIG.

  • Fuel test stand: to 2500 PPH (6.5 GPM) at 2500 PSIG.

  • Pneumatic test stands, to 2500 SCFH at 25 PSIG, and 500 SCFH at 100 PSIG.

  • Thermotron environmental chamber, -65 to 350°F.

  • Hot, cold fuel test to 300°F.

  • Hot fuel vapor testing of components to 550°F.