Servo Valves and Specialty Controls
Test Systems and Assembly Equipment
Development and Production Equipment
10,000 PSI Fuel Test Stand
10,000 PSI Hydraulic Test Stand
300 PSI Air Stand
5,000 PSI Gas Pump
IMV Shaker
12 Input data aquisition system.
Thermotron Environmental Chamber
Blue M 500 degree F oven
Laminar Flow Bench
Slaughter Series 116 HIPOT Test Box
Ultra Sonic Cleaning
Pyrotherm Gas Furnace
K.O. Lee Grinder
Temco High Temperature Oven

Sunnen Hone MBB1290D
MCSI 116 Coil Winding sytem
Charmilles D10 ISOCUT ISOPULSE Type 25 EDM
Bridgeport Explorer II 5HP 3 Axis CNC Mill
Bridgeport Series I 2HP 3 axis manual mill
Hardinge Series 65 Lathe
Hardinge Series 45 Lathe
JET 1340 Lathe